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Genesis of a Product.

When production for our new series “TORONTO” started, most of the work had already been completed. Because excellent furniture takes a lot of time: time for intense need discussions with our customers. And time for careful development and design. Each product we include in our program is also tested directly by the customer over longer periods of time. And only when a piece of furniture passes all tests and inspections – just like TORONTO – do we include it in our product family. Because only then are we sure that it does justice to the name KAPPLER.

Precise lines, custom-fit dimensions, on-time delivery: we don’t leave anything to chance with our design and production. Our state-of-the-art machine park with automatic panel storage, robot feeding system on BMG 5-axle milling machine and linking of machine and organizational software guarantees the consistently high quality of all KAPPLER products. Yet, as intelligent as our production technology is: we are nevertheless flexible enough to manufacture fully-developed serial furniture for each customer highly individually and completely according to very personal guidelines. You cannot get off-the-shelf solutions from us. Because we know that our customers deserve more than the standard.