When hearing the keyword practice furnishings, many initially think of medical equipment. Yet, there is so much more to furnishing a medical practice than just this. It starts with the reception which represents the practice and is often the first thing patients see. Whether it’s a reception counter or other furniture, it’s important that form and function do not work against each other. Because at the counter and, of course, in the consulting room, patients need to feel welcome and staff comfortable so that the first impression is positive right from the start. The waiting room should be friendly and functional, with comfortable waiting furniture and settees that allow their patients to forget that they are in a waiting room and it’s not their turn yet. In total contrast to this is the treatment room – this is totally focused on the treatment. Here too, it is important to choose the right furniture so that the practice furniture functions perfectly when in use. The office needs the correct office furniture, desks and possibly benches, to be able to conduct discussions in a larger round. If you want to furnish a functional room, a sterile room or a sterilization room, it is indispensable to take corresponding regulations into consideration.