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Three Generations. One Goal. The Kappler Story.

It is not uncommon that coincidental meetings shape our lives: One day, the carpenter Rudi Kappler sat along the Nagold River, fishing. There, he started up a conversation with an unknown man. When he started talking about his small joinery, he promptly received an order from the unknown man, who turned out to be a doctor: the doctor needed boxes for his index cards. These small boxes were the inspiration for something major: Rudi Kappler optimised their shape, added rollers – and finally designed a desk as the fitting setting. The idea of specializing in medical practice furnishings with his joinery was born. One day at the river in the Black Forest provided the motive.

Today, KAPPLER no longer places its trust in straight-forward handcraft but makes use of all options of modern technology for production – from the individual product development for the customer, to modular furniture and all the way to series production. Because this simplifies not only production processes but also ensures the consistently high quality of the KAPPLER furniture – now and in the future. Our ultra-modern machine park enables precisely tailored production and the production machines are linked with the software for the office organisation. So that we can keep an eye on all processes.  And that everything continues to stay in flow at KAPPLER.



  • Berta Kappler
    Founding of the KAPPLER enterprise as a two-man company by Erwin and Berta Kappler.
  • Rudi Kappler
    Rudi Kappler becomes manager of the business (relocation of the company to the current head quarters).
  • 1975
    Specializing in the medical field.
  • 1977
    Founding of the MED+ORG enterprise in Villingen-Schwenningen.
  • Showroom Pfalzgrafenweiler
    Relocation of MED+ORG to the head quarters in Pfalzgrafenweiler.
  • Showroom Wittstock
    Opening a 800 m2 showroom in Wittstock an der Dosse near Berlin.
    Development and the distribution of exclusive office furniture.
  • Begin of worldwide export
    Begin of worldwide export.
  • Holger Kappler
    Holger Kappler becomes manager.
    New company name: KAPPLER MED+ORG.
  • 2010
    Distribution in more than 15 countries.
    Market leader of the dental field in Germany.
  • Functional room
    KAPPLER MED+ORG launches itself in the laboratory sector.
  • CNC Production
    Robot-assisted CNC Production.